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Web Based Vendor Managed Inventory


With over 60 years of experience in providing production supplies to electronics manufacturing, we know that one of the primary reasons production lines go "down" is the failure to have the supplies needed on-hand to assemble the end product. JENSEN Tools + Supply can help. We can provide you with a specific solution to help you cost-effectively keep mission critical items in stock at your facilities.

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What is Vendor Managed Inventory Program?

JENSEN Tools + Supply Inventory Management System is one of our unique value added services that will help manage the inventory at your warehouse or factory. Using JENSEN Tools + Supply inventory management technology, authorized users are able to scan individual ID badges and bar-coded products to make purchases. Transactions are transmitted electronically to JENSEN Tools + Supply where we automatically replenish inventory based on min/max parameters. We also provide management reporting tools that provide cost center reporting, product accountability and help you lower overall inventory costs.

Wondering if a Vendor Managed Inventory Program might be the right solution for you? Consider the following questions and then give us a call at 800-380-0112 or contact us to discuss how we can help!

  • Do you need to better manage inventory and control costs with fewer resources/people?
  • Do you often encounter stock outs impacting production?
  • Do you feel communication on the items you are using with your supply chain could be improved?
  • Are you exceeding your department budgets? Are you able to budget at all?
  • Are your employees accountable for the materials they use?
  • Do you know if your facility is carrying dead stock or surplus stock?
  • Are you looking to decrease the cost of issuing multiple purchase orders for production supplies?

Key Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory Program:

  • Automated inventory replenishment
  • Eliminate stock-outs by keeping inventory on-site and available for immediate use
  • Review and adjust Min/Max levels based on current usages
  • Lower inventory carrying costs by eliminating individual product hoarding
  • Provide Real-Time visibility to products contained in the program
  • Optimize supplier contract pricing based on aggregate spend

Key Features of Vendor Managed Inventory Program:

Reduce PO Costs checked
Back Office Integration checked
Freight Savings checked
Lower Product Costs checked
Reserved Inventory checked
Process Standardization checked
Reduce Supplier Base checked
Account Management checked
Real Time Visibility checked