Patented Connection Validation IMC Formation Technology
  • Closed loop bi-directional communication
  • Stores and records cartridge attributes
  • Provides traceability information
  • Protects power supply from non-conforming cartridges
  • Backwards compatible with MX series power supplies
  • Password protection
With the introduction of Connection Validation, Metcal is migrating to a new smart numbering convention that is designed to assist the operator or the process engineer in the selection of the correct cartridge for the application.

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Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
486-933CV-5210Connection Validation™ Soldering Station$759.05
486-935CV-H1-AVAdvanced Hand-piece With Integrated LED light$134.83
486-934CV-PS5200Connection Validation™ Power Supply Only$581.03
487-300CVC-5BV6005ABevel Cartridge, 0.51MM 0.02" 60° 500-F$27.00
487-313CVC-5CH0025PChisel Cartridge, 2.5MM 0.1" 30° 500-F$22.89
487-320CVC-5CN0003AConical Cartridge 0.25MM 0.01" 500-F$27.00
487-348CVC-6CH0025SChisel Cartridge Tip 2.5MM 0.1" 30° 600-F$22.89
487-368CVC-7BV6005ABevel Cartridge Tip 0.51MM 0.02" 60° 700-F$25.21
487-382CVC-7CH0025SChisel Cartridge 2.5MM (0.1 IN), 30° 700-F$22.89
487-397CVC-7CN1404SSharp Conical Cartridge Tip .016" 700-F$22.89
487-413CVC-8CH0018RReach Bent Chisel Cartridge 1.78MM 0.07" 30° 800-F$43.64
487-416CVC-8CH0025SChisel Cartridge Tip, 2.5MM (0.1 IN), 30° 800-F$25.08
487-424CVC-8CN0004RBent Conical Cartridge Tip 0.4MM 0.016" 30° 800-F$25.08
487-433CVC-8CN1504AConical Cartridge Tip 0.4MM 0.016" 800-F$29.60
487-450CVC-9CH0025SChisel Cartridge Tip 2.5MM (0.1 IN), 30° 900-F$25.08